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Motor Oils • Universal Tractor & Hydraulic


*Please contact TiLUBE for custom quote.


Full Synthetic


*SAE 0w20


*SAE 5w20


*SAE 5w30


*SAE 10w30


*SAE 5w30 European Blend


*SAE 5w40



Synthetic Blend


*SAE 5w20


*SAE 5w30


*SAE 10w30


*SAE 10w40


Fleet Type


*SAE 15w40


*SAE 10w30


*SAE 5w40


2 Cycle


Automatic Transmission Fluid


Gear Oil


*SAE 80w90


*SAE 85w140

High Performance


*SAE 75w90


*SAE 75w140


Universal Tractor Fluid


*Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


*Please contact TiLUBE for custom quote


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