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The TiLUBE Story


TiLUBE started as a project when Atomic 22 was still in business with 3 friends.  Atomic 22 made titanium parts for dirt bikes and ATV's and were a distributor for another oil brand in the early 2000's.


Once the other oil brand stopped shipping oil to the US, the guys at Atomic 22 decided to make their own.  They took what they knew from their days racing and what their customers wanted and created top of the line lubricants for powersports applications.  They were known as the titanum guys so lo and behold, they became TiLUBE.


Since its inception in 2003, TiLUBE has become one of the most trusted names in motocross and powersports around the midwest and the country.


Several years later, the company was purchased by one of it's original founders and is soley owned by Joe Murphy.  Since then, TiLUBE has expanded to hundreds of different applications and uses.  In 2012, TiLUBE introduced its HP Racing Oils for racecar and hot rod applications and has become a force to be reckoned with in the racing world.  


Since then, TiLUBE has introduced a full line of Agricultural, Commercial, Fleet, Motorcycle/Cruiser,  and Automobile oils and has expanded their footprint all over the country. 


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