TiLUBE Distribution


TiLUBE Distribution is another part of TiLUBE that provides commodity products for things such as Baldwin Filters, Stanadyne fuel additive, antifreeze, grease, winter products, and more!

Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filter is a worldwide manufacturer of heavy-duty air, lube, fuel, coolant, transmission, and hydraulic filtration products.  Click the photo for more information.

Evans Waterless Coolant

Evans waterless coolants offer several benefits to save you money, time and engine wear.  Evans eliminates corrosion and has higher boiling points. 

Stanadyne Fuel Additives

Stanadyne fuel additives protect and improve the performance of all fuel injection systems including:

  • High pressure common rail

  • Unit injectors

  • Rotary distribution pumps

  • In-line pumps

  • Multi-Port Injection

  • Gasoline Direct Injection

  • Carburetor

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Distribution catalog

Click photo to download our distribution catalog.  We offer hundreds of different products from antifreeze, grease, DEF, and More!