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Full Synthetic 0w-20 Engine Oil

Full Synthetic 0w-20 Engine Oil

TiLUBE Full Synthetic Motor Oils are state of the art, advanced technology, synthetic motor oils which provide the higest level of engine protection available, even under the most severe operating conditions. The 100% synthetic base oils in TiLUBE provide exceptional resistance to high temperature oxidation thickening. Our sophisticated additives prevent sludge formation commonly caused by moisture and combustion by-products. Exceptionally high viscosity indices minimize cold weather oil thickening, which greatly reduces battery drain and engine wear, even at subzero start ups.

Formulated to exceed ILSAC GF-5 performance requirements for new cars and beyond.

Benefits Of TiLUBE 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil include:

TILUBE is formulated with High Phosphate Retention ZDDP for extended wear performance. Even inthe most severe industry tests TiLUBE exceeds the performance limits by 65%
TiLUBE keeps pistons cleaner minimizing oil consumption and maintaining power and compression performance
Maximizes Fuel Economy
Superior cold temperature performance
Preferred visocsity grade of top Japanese manufactures
Exceeds Dexos specifications

Also ideal in go-karting applications where 0w-20 engine oil is required.
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