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Synthetic Blend 10w40 HP Racing Oil

Synthetic Blend 10w40 HP Racing Oil

YES: Optimum amount of ZDDP. The right stuff at the right amount to offer the extreme protection for high performance engines including flat tappet engines. 1300 plus PPM.

YES: High quality base oils that create a very high viscosity index. High VI allows this oil to perform in grade over a wide range of operating temps. Quick, easy flow during start up and rapid acceleration, through ultra high temp situations where shear stability and comprehensive protection are crucial. The ingredients to protect in long runs and high heat.

YES: Dispersants are added to protect against fuel loading when fuel is pushed to the extremes. An excellent choice for drag racing, pulling, circle track and more where a wide variety of fuels are used including gasoline, alcohol, nitro, and diesel.

YES: TiLUBE 10W40 High Performance Racing Oil is the choice for protection and to keep your competitive edge.

NO: Not for highway use - off road use only
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    Part #91008
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